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This Is Tiffany


The modern bride still wears white—and brilliant diamonds, of course.

Photographs by Karim Sadli, styled by Alastair McKimm, still life by Richard Burbridge

The King of Diamonds

The New York press dubbed founder Charles Lewis Tiffany “The King of Diamonds” after he traveled to Europe in the 1840s to buy diamond collections from French aristocrats. The extraordinary quality of these stones established Tiffany as America’s premier jeweler.

The Innovator

“If diamonds are mounted like this the light is different,” said Elsa Peretti of her Diamonds by the Yard® collection, which debuted at Tiffany in 1974, the same year she joined the brand. “They look like drops of light, like a stream—very modern.” Elsa Peretti’s understated approach to diamonds revolutionized the way gemstones were worn.